Praise for To March Into Hell

“To March Into Hell is a fast-paced runaway of a novel that never fails to surprise, shock and amaze the reader. With memorable, well-developed characters, both of the good and evil variety, Parham reprises his maverick private investigator Jake Delgado from past novels. As a sequel to his first novel, Molly’s Moon, To March Into Hell plunks Delgado smack dab into the foul heart of the worst that Tijuana, Mexico, has to offer. It is powerful, tension-packed fiction, exactly what we’ve come to expect from Parham, a master of the action-thriller genre. Another five-star performance from a great storyteller.”
—J.B. Hogan, author of numerous historical fiction novels, including the upcoming Mexican Skies

Praise for Festival of Fear

Festival of Fear – review by Wendy Holland of Goodreads

Juxtaposed against the Cuban Missile Crisis that threatened a world war in 1962, Festival of Fear which I won through Goodreads Giveaways and the first novel in Ron Parham's intriguing and compelling "Paxton Brothers Saga" opens with the brutal slaying of local girls that's shocking and frightens the populace in and around the districts outside Acorn, Iowa. Subtly and cleverly the author contrasts the fear in the crisis around Acorn with an historical event that had the country holding its breath as young, untested President John F. Kennedy tries to stop a standoff that could result in a nuclear disaster.

Well-structured and intensely riveting Ron Parham often dilutes the escalating tension with the humor of family banter, sibling arguments and the blossoming love between Nick and Sarah This is a story of courage in the face of tragedy as world powers clash and football hero Nick Paxton finds the inner strength to confront a killer to save the girl he loves.

A master at creating multi-faceted, realistic and unforgettable characters the author breathes life into a host of colorful personalities like unassuming, observant, and responsible Nick Paxton who's gifted on the football field and obsessed with uncovering the killer's identity; vivacious and spirited cheerleader Sarah Rogers who struggles with fear and guilt, unwilling to let it overcome her; and John Walters the kind, conscientious and trustworthy teacher whose past intrudes on the present. Yet it's the arrogance, cold-heartedness and sense of invulnerability of a thirty-five year old predator haunted by sexual abuse in his youth that adds a cold chill and terror to the story.

As always in a Ron Parham novel the plot in Festival of Fear is riveting and filled with memorable characters. It kept me glued to my chair until the end and I look forward to reading the next book in this absorbing saga.


Late arrival well worth the wait. If you’ve read Ron Parham’s previous novels, Molly’s Moon and Copperhead Cove, his new book Festival of Fear might appear to be slow-moving by comparison. But don’t let the pace fool you. Parham is after something different here with Festival of Fear: he’s trying to capture the feel of small town high school life in the Midwest during the early 1960s with the tension of the Cuban Missile Crisis thrown in for good measure. Unlike the two previous books, there’s no detective character tracking the bad guys here, no bumbling mobsters for comic relief (although Parham gives us an occasional laugh to break the tension) — but anything you think might be missing is completely made up for with a series of terrifying twists and turns that work into (no spoilers here) an extraordinary and unforgettable ending.  It’s the steady pace of the narrative that carries the weight and the wait of the book and Parham masterfully sets his readers up for an absolutely spine-chilling, mind-blowing finale.
~ J.B. Hogan, author of Living Behind Time, Losing Cotton and Fallen

Praise for Copperhead Cove

[5 STARS] Exciting, well-written, excellent characters
The most down-to-earth country man you'd ever meet gets himself mixed up in a world of trouble when he agrees to take a couple of basketball coaches on a fishing tour. Copperhead Cove is an exciting read fro start to finish. I love how I feel I'm right there in that small town where everything happens. There's a large cast of characters, each unique and well-drawn. If you enjoy suspense, you'll love this book.”
~ Author Ronda Del Boccio Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady”

5.0 out of 5 stars Parham does it again!!
Fantastic, can't put the book down, exciting action!! Ron Parham's second novel is better than his first! Molly's Moon was great and Copperhead Cove is terrific!!!
Can't wait for the next novel - go Ron!!”
~ Ron Maziarz Copperhead Cove (Kindle Edition)

This book was full of twists and turns, a great cozy mystery with intense moments that make you not want to put it down.”
~ Helen Jones from NetGalley (Recommends This Book Strongly: Five Stars)

Ron Parham has done it again. His second Ethan Paxton – Jake Delgado thriller, Copperhead Cove, is just as exciting and entertaining as his first novel, Molly's Moon — maybe even more so. This time his heroes are back east, in the hills of Kentucky, trying to save Ethan's older brother Bo and family from a nasty situation in which they have gotten on the wrong side of a vengeful and death-dealing wing of the Chicago mob. Once more delivering his story from multiple points of view, Parham scores big with another fast-reading page-turner.”
~ J.B. Hogan, author of The Apostate, Angels in the Ozarks, and Living Behind Time.

Praise for Molly's Moon

Edge Of Your Seat Thriller!!!, September 2, 2014 (5.0 out of 5 stars)
     “Molly's Moon by author Ron Parham is a wild international thriller involving terrorism, kidnapping, sex-trafficking and murder.
     “While on a business trip in Europe on September 11, 2001, Ethan Paxton learns of the World Trade Center Bombings in the United States. He also learns that his daughter has been kidnapped by sex-traffickers in Mexico while she is on a mission trip with her school.
     Will he be able to cross oceans and countries and save his daughter?
     “Full of intrigue, action, suspense, and terror Molly's Moon is an explosive thriller that should be on everyone's list to read.
     “Highly Recommended Thriller! Best thriller I've read all year!!
     “Great Job, Mr. Parham! Can't wait for your next book.”
~Avid Reader 1974

“Molly's Moon's by Ron Parham which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is a fast-paced, explosive thriller that begins after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, September 11, 2001. As the world trembles under the chaos and shock of the attack, Ethan Paxton who's stranded in the Netherlands finds out his daughter Molly and two of her friends have been kidnapped while returning from a school mission trip to Tecate Mexico.
     “In a blockbuster novel that blends terrorism, sex trafficking, kidnapping and murder into a plot that grips the reader from the first page to the last, there are underlying elements of deliverance, faith, unconditional parental love and self-sacrifice. With clever dexterity Ron Parham not only uses a sliver of moon to bring Molly courage and comfort during her ordeal and a sense of rightness at the end, but he imaginatively links the past history of several key characters.
     “This well-written story is hauntingly realistic and would make a great movie. Molly's Moon is not only entertaining but captures your interest and doesn't let go. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would give it an even higher rating than a 5.0 if the scale allowed. Ron Parham is definitely a writer to be watched.”
~Wendy's Review, Goodreads (Read from August 23 to 24, 2014; read count: 1)

"MOLLY'S MOON is a thriller set in the immediate wake of 9/11. Widower Ethan Paxton is in Amsterdam on a business trip when the terrorists strike the U.S. When he learns that his teenage daughter has been kidnapped in Mexico, he's desperate to get home—but all flights to the U.S. have been cancelled.This taut, fast-paced thriller marks a very promising debut for author Ron Parham. I'll be watching to see what he does next."
~ Barbara Rogan, Best-selling author of A Dangerous Fiction and seven other mysteries

[5 STARS] Ron Parham's first novel, Molly's Moon, is a fast-paced page-turner. It's exciting, entertaining and very well written. You'll be caught up by the mystery, adventure and intrigue from the start and the book won't let you go until it reaches its thrilling conclusion. Get on the Ron Parham bandwagon now, he's going somewhere. And look ahead – his second novel, Copperhead Cove, another thriller, is up next.
~ JB Hogan, author of The Apostate and Angels in the Ozarks.






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